How to choose the right development partner?

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How to find a suitable partner who understands business requirement? An ideal application partner has a complete overview of the business, and it finds a great developer to help them to make it happen through technology stack.

Resolving the subtle issue that majorly new partner faces to find a good tech company who can help them develop their applications, and grow their software.

1. Analysis- The right consultation will resilient partners from communication gap. Choose a forethinker IT firm who knows about the changing market trends. In smartData, we dig down deep for stakeholders to understand and review business requirements, providing analytical support and recommendations, developing technical specifications against business requirements, executing system testing for program changes and enhancements, and preparing various comparative analyses for projects.

2. Specialist- Domain expert understands the trend features of the application to sync with technology. Our specialist assists partners to support from development initiatives, testing activities and to perform research in order to understand business issues, and developing practical cost-effective solutions to problems.

3. Collaboration- The essential part of any project is to get the right team together to accomplish set goals of stakeholders. The most common problem which new partners face with developers is to train them to come on the same page. Wherein smartData experts guide developers to meet the expected requirement from beginning to end.

4. Agile Methodology/ Scrum – We use the agile approach which helps team respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences and empirical feedback. Agile methodology using SCRUM consisting of weekly or bimonthly sprints. We emphasize empirical feedback, team self-management, and striving to build properly tested product increments within short iterations.

The right development technology partner is familiar with core enterprise business processes with the ability to integrate and leverage existing technologies. In addition, a right partner will suggest:-

  • The platform best-suited for IT requirement.
  • The right technology, keeping in mind current IT environment.
  • Business functions that best lend themselves.
  • Best practices to secure enterprise data.
  • A solution that is scalable and future-ready for the enterprise.
  • Timelines that will align with project deadlines.

Hope above steps guided you to look for ideal IT partner, to work with us on the similar ground you can contact us.

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